Retaining Walls

Not only does a Retaining Wall add a sense of structured beauty to any home or businesses, garden, walkway or driveway, they are also extremely functional. By engineering an existing slope we can make your land work better for you! A Retaining Wall can make it possible to have a driveway or pathway where an existing slope or hill would previously make it impossible. From Gravity Walls to Piling Walls we at Allen’s Landscape and Excavating are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with designing and building the right type of Retaining Wall to suit your needs!

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Landscaping & Hardscapes

Allen’s team have planned and installed various landscape, and construction for many residential, commercial, municipal properties. For almost three full decades we have primarily worked on large-scale residential and municipal projects. Whether we are working with natural stone, boulders, or concrete, we have the knowledge, the expertise, and the best tools and equipment to get the job done right. With over 30 years of experience, we make sure that the materials used are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that they are the most functional for your project.

Landscaping & Hardscapes


Concrete Breaking & Demolition

concrete-breakingThere are many different ways to break or demolish concrete; Allen’s team of professionals will assess which will be best suited for your project in regards to timing, location, safety, and cost. We ensure that the surrounded area is disrupted as minimally as possible and can fix any areas that may have been disrupted. Allen’s Landscape & Excavating team has over 30 years experience and have worked on many assorted demolition projects over the years. We are highly trained and insured – safety is our first priority.

Concrete Breaking & Demolition Hamilton


Basement & Foundation Repairs

The signs of a faulty or damaged foundation are unmistakable; leaky or cracked walls and flooring, doors/windows that don’t work as they should, and uneven or warped flooring. These can be caused by a number of things. A few examples are; faulty construction, tree roots, a shift in the surrounding soil, or excess water that has formed around the structure due to a lack of a proper drainage system. We take the proper measures to make sure we know what has caused the damage in order to correct the problem (or foresee other further damage) before we make any necessary repairs.

Basement & Foundation Repairs

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